Random Jokes
1.I loves Igbos alot, they threaten in riddles...
The chicken that crows in the morning is silent in the evening stew.
2.When you smell your own fart and begin to wonder if your body is really the temple of God
3.That moment when the invigilator stands besides you during exams, looks at your answer sheet and shout to the class "Read the questions carefully"
# KukuKillMe
4.Some girls are funny; they leave hair in their arm-pits and shave their eyebrows.
What kind of farming system is that?
5.*Nigerian Army has been training since I was a kid but Nigeria has never had any war. Why can't they organise a friendly match with Pakistan?
# JustAsking
6.Nigeria again!!!
How can egg be #70??
Did the fowl lay the egg through cesarean operation, or did the egg passed through incubator. ??
7.Marrying a female Jehovah witness member won't cost u
Just buy one long sleeve shirt and trouser for her father.
Then tie and bag for her brothers.
When I said bag i mean briefcase
Then if u want to kill it all just add one umbrella to it
Pls don't insult me, am not feeling fine.
8.Who told Nigerians that the broom must always be behind the door???
# JustThinking
9.Why do people that sit in front of commercial buses think they have made it in life???
# Just_asking
10.In every lady's inbox there is always one stupid guy wasting his time.