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Random compilation of Jokes

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1. If You Marry A Girl That Can't
Cook, Bros Your Case Dey
2. When next you check your
boyfriend's texts. Ignore his
with girls, and check the ones
with guys. That's where the
truth is
3. No matter how expensive
your Wrist watch is, as long as it
won't tell you Christ's Second
coming, its as Useless as the
"p"in Psycho
4. If you have attended over 100
weddings and you are still
single. Sister, you are no longer
different from a canopy.
5. You don't have to be in UK to
be OK, Help comes from
Above not Abroad.
6. Ladies are wicked. They will
lay on your chest and ask,
"Honey have you ever cheated
on me?" ...then wait for your
heart to beat fast. .
7. A cockroach is afraid of a rat,
a rat is afraid of a cat, cat is
afraid of a dog, a dog is afraid
of a man, a man is afraid of his
girlfriend, a girlfriend is afraid of
a cockroach. That's life
8. LAST SEEN: Whatsapp- 1Min
ago .BBM - 5Mins ago,
Twitter- 2Mins ago . BIBLE -
2002. My dear, the Devil has
soaked your cane in
9. BBM and Whatsapp have
been rated as the 2nd and 3rd
app for chats and gossip, but
Women Still retain the 1st
10. Wedding ring is the smallest
handcuff ever made. So think
deep, choose ur prison mate
carefully & sentence urself
to avoid
Prison break
11. To those who commit
suicide; why are you So selfish?
Why kill yourself when so many
people are looking for who to
use for money rituals?
12. As a matter of fact, there's
no female angel in the Bible.
So if any guy calls you an angel,
na wash ooooo.



Haha, Lolz... so funny..


You are here » Rocket Vibes » General Jokes » Random compilation of Jokes